Bridal Emergency Kit - Checklist (Free Download)

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The few days leading up to my wedding I was super anxious about forgetting something I needed on the day of. I'm not a Type A personality, very much the opposite - my mind works in chaotic ways and the outcome is usually something "put together" per se, but it does not lend itself well in situations where I am preplanning for things.

Thankfully, on my wedding day I packed in a fury everything I thought I or my bridesmaids would need and we didn't run into any issues. All of this to say, let me help make your life easier with this Bridal Emergency Kit checklist.

Save this file & print it a week before your wedding, gather everything up in a box (or in my case, a shoe box), and you'll be incredibly relaxed going into your day because bestie, you know you got everything you need! 



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