Party Spin Wheel | Soft Launch

Party Spin Wheel | Soft Launch

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A versatile, 13-inch acrylic spin wheel that's ready to bring a customizable twist to any event or activity. Its sleek, durable design is perfect for endless spinning, making it the ideal companion for parties, decision-making, and everything in between.

This unique wheel comes as a blank canvas, ready to be personalized with easy-to-apply (and remove) stickers. Whether you're organizing a game night, planning a special celebration, or just deciding what to eat, this spin wheel adapts to your needs. Switch between themes and uses with a simple sticker change, ensuring your wheel is always event-ready.

Crafted for those who adore a sprinkle of fun in their daily routine, this spin wheel is here to spin your moments into cherished memories. Customize, enjoy, and let it make the decision for you! 


  • 13in diameter acrylic wheel (alternating black and white triangles) 
  • 13in acrylic base,  0.5in thickness
  • Dimensions measure 13" x 13" x 16.75" 
  • Item weighs 2 lbs 10 oz

Uniquely You: The spin wheel comes blank, you can personalize your wheel with drink names, activity, specific prizes or anything you'd like to make it extra festive. 

Please Note: All orders placed after April 18th, 2024 will be fulfilled after May 8, 2024.